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Meet: K-9 Z Cloyd

Z is a four-year-old, 80 lbs. German Shepherd. At the tender age of six months, he traveled from Europe to Texas to begin training with his one and only partner, Andre. Z is very active and enjoys being outdoors as well as any good chew toy! Though Z is a fierce and dominant member of law enforcement, he is very kind, loving, and affectionate. When not working, you will find him with his older brother Bentley. Andre and Z have been a team since 2017 and, on average, spend 12-14 hours a day together. This daily routine has created an inseparable bond between the two that is sure to last a lifetime.

Meet: Andre Cloyd

Andre moved from Michigan to Dallas 11 years ago and has been a law enforcement officer for over 13 years.  He is the oldest of three children, having one brother and one sister. Andre made a commitment to become a police officer at the age of four and has always been fascinated with the field. In addition to his two dogs, Andre enjoys reading, traveling, and physical fitness.

Meet: Bentley Cloyd

In addition to his work partner, Andre also has an 8 year old Razor's Edge pitbull named Bentley; their relationship started when Bentley was just 6 weeks old! Bentley is a very loving and affectionate older brother to Z. The two spend countless hours running and playing games together. The three combined make one happy 10 legged family!

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